This is the official website for Terry Crowdy’s
new book, Military Misdemeanours: Corruption, incompetence, lust and downright stupidity, published by Osprey Publishing.

Come inside and catch a glimpse of a book that exposes the embarrassing mistakes, disasters and scandals throughout history that have left some of the most well known military leaders and organizations red-faced. From the sexual escapades of the Romans through to the Private Jessica Lynch debacle – this is an entertaining and engaging account of the sordid, the scandalous and the downright silly!

Book Cover

Because we couldn’t decide which way we should
spell misdemeanours / misdemeanors we decided to
use both – which is why in the US and Canada you will
see a different cover. Don’t worry though – inside it's
exactly the same engrossing book! As they say …
don’t judge a book by its cover!